Delray Beach Chiropractor

Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Richard Davidson followed warmer breezes down to South Florida. Here he set up his professional practice committed not only to realigning backs but to bending and molding bodies to their optimum use. Delray Beach Chiropractor Physician, Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Pilates Instructor elevates Dr. Rich’s services from back bender to full-on wellness guru.

delray beach chiropractor


Delray Beach Chiropractor

Your Delray Beach Chiropractor can successfully treat your injuries with chiropractic care, which is a non-invasive, completely natural way to heal musculoskeletal injuries. With a thorough exam and diagnose of your injuries Totality Chiropractic will develop a treatment plan that will heal your injuries and reduce your pain. Typical treatment plans include adjustments, massage therapy, corrective exercises and lifestyle advice to prevent you from hurting the area again that may decrease your recovery time. Our mission: enhance human health and fitness, increase performance, rehabilitate injuries and educate. Totality Chiropractic combines chiropractic, exercise, diagnostic testing and physiotherapy to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors.

When you’re body’s mechanical systems are operating at less than 100%, what you need most is a chiropractic physician whose primary focus is you—and your unique set of circumstances. The Totality Chiropractic team takes pride in the professionalism and thoroughness with which we evaluate and treat every individual in our care… so they can push aside the difficulties they face, and focus on the positive, rewarding events in their lives.

Totality Chiropractic is committed to enhancing human health & fitness
Chiropractic care can provide effective means of targeting the back pain, muscular injury and nerve tension relief. Totality Chiropractic’s interventions have proven effective including: spinal manipulation, Cox Flexion-Distraction, spinal decompression and soft tissue techniques.